Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

DOWNLOAD | FXScript v1.1 Update | Kontakt 3 & 4

New in V1.01 
  • Added a blacklist for CCs. If you want to use this script in a instrument which already has CC control, you can exclude those CCs from the auto CC mapping in  the FXScript. Simply click on 'CC Blacklist' and set all CCs you want to exclude to '1' in the table (you'll see the number of the CC when changing the value. You'll have to try a bit to get it right, unfortunately it was the only way to get this done pretty fast). CC#0 and CC#127 can't be blacklisted by the way, CC#0 however won't ever be used by the script. After you've changed your blacklist, press the [!] button on the Kontakt UI to restart the  engine and the script. Take a look at the CC mapping now.
What is FXScript?
FXScript mirrors all insert and send fx of your instrument to the performance view. It also automatically generates a CC map, so you can control all FX parameters via CC (CC64 is left out, since it's reserved for sustain pedal).
Is FXScript free?
It's free for personal and commerical use. Please donate, if you like it :) You may not use it in Kontakt libraries which will be sold later, however. If you like to use it in your commerical library or you'll like the fully readable source code, please contact me.
Download here: 

If you like the scripts and you use them often, I would be glad if you donate.

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