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DOWNLOAD | FormantCorrectPitchbend v1.03 | Kontakt 3.5 & 4

What is FormantCorrectPitchbend?
Formant correct pitchbend allows a pitchbend which has significant less 'Mickey Mouse'-effect when a note is bend up for example. In a lot of cases it sounds much more natural than standard pitchbend. The script should be fairly easy to use. You can switch between 'Standard' and 'Formant Correct' pitchbend either via the corrosponding buttons or via CC. The CC and the threshold for switching can be setup right below these buttons.
You can setup the bend range with the 'Bend' knob. In case you want to lower the volume on the bended note a little bit (which is often the case playing real instrument) you can do this using 'Bend Volume'. The default value is -10%, which means the volume of the bended note is about 10% less loud. If you select 'Bend Velocity', the same value means 10% less velocity.  You can also choose 'Bend Velocity CC' which allows you to use a CC to modulate how much the volume should be attenuated if pitchbend is used.

Make sure to delete all pitchbend modulators in Kontakt before using the script!   

Before you can use the formant correct pitchending you'll have to setup a playrange. Simply use the 'Learn Minmum' and 'Learn Maximum' buttons.
Is FormantCorrectPitchbend readable source code available?
Yes, it's included. If you want to compile it, you'll need the great KScript Editor by Nils Liberg (http://www.nilsliberg.se/ksp/). The source code includes a lot of libraries I used in the past. For my commerical work, I've written a lot of new libraries, so I thought it might be a good idea to share my older work from the days back when I was learning KSP. Have fun with it!
Is FormantCorrectPitchbend free?
It's free for personal and commerical use. Please donate, if you like it :)
You may not use it in Kontakt libraries which will be sold later,
Download here:

If you like the scripts and you use them often, I would be glad if you donate.

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